The difference between the vulva and the vagina

The vulva

Represents the external part of the female sexual organ.

Should always be cleaned.

The vagina

Represents the internal part of the female organ.

Should never be cleaned.

Cleaning the vulva with only clear water: is it enough?

The answer is NO! Cleaning your vulva with water alone is not enough to eliminate all bad bacteria and protect your vulva in the long term. The vagina (female internal genital organs) itself does not need to be cleaned because it is filled with many good bacteria such as lactobacillus, which are responsible for your vaginal health. So, in order to avoid damaging the balance of your vagina, it is important not to clean it and definitely not to douche. However, it is the exact opposite for the vulva (Female external genital organs). As a protective barrier, it is directly exposed to external aggressions. Therefore it needs to be strengthened. It is recommended to use a gentle feminine wash to provide the vulva with the necessary moisturization and help its need to fight against intimate discomfort (irritation, burning, itching and allergies).

Jolaine offers a variety of feminine intimate wash made from plant extracts with multiple benefits for the vulva. The feminine wash allows a gentle intimate cleansing experience and has a neutral PH to avoid harming the natural balance of the vaginal microbiota. Our down there cleansers are to be chosen according to your skin type (normal skin and sensitive skin) and according to your taste (floral scents, fruity scents or neutral).