About us


Jolaine™, where nature and science unite for women

Jolaine is a brand specialized in natural feminine hygiene products. Our goal is to make a real difference in women's lives by making them feel confident about all aspects of their intimacy. With our products, our goal is to help women maintain good hygiene practices and educate them on how to properly take care of their intimate parts.

Plant-based feminine hygiene care line

Jolaine products are made exclusively from plants. The principle of our brand is to offer 100% natural care products that meet a variety of intimate needs and that can be used with a clear conscience. All ingredients have been carefully selected for their protective, revitalizing and soothing benefits for the well-being of the vaginal flora.

Feminine hygiene products made in Canada

In order to offer high quality products, we rely on the expertise of professionals recognized for their skills in the Canadian cosmetics market. All Jolaine products are also tested, manufactured, processed and preserved rigorously, in accordance with current Canadian standards.